Levitra vs Viagra

Levitra (vardenafil)


Levitra is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor that treats the medical condition called erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient is vardenafil - available in oral tablets (2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg).

How does Levitra work?

When sexually aroused, Levitra enables an increased flow of blood to reach the penis. This helps a man to attain an erection that will enable him to have sexual intercourse. Levitra must not be used by women or children for any reason. Levitra has been successfully prescribed for use by men suffering with diabetes, as well as men who have had surgery to rectify prostate problems.

What is the recommended dosage of Levitra?

Levitra is to be used roughly one hour before sexual stimulation. Doctors may change the dosage depending on the effectiveness and tolerance of this drug. Some men may require the maximum dose of 20mg, while other men may require the minimum dose of 5mg. Any man over the age of 65 should begin with the lowest dose. Levitra should be used once daily - ensure that 24 hours passes between each dose.

Warnings and special precautions

If your doctor has told you that sexual intercourse may be hazardous to your health, avoid using Levitra. Do not use Levitra if you are at risk of a heart attack. If you have a history of heart disorders, you will need to talk to your doctor about the risks of using Levitra.

Give your doctor a full account of your past medical history, and tell your doctor the names of all other medications that you are presently using. Levitra can react badly with some medicines. If Levitra interacts adversely with another medication, your blood pressure could suddenly drop. This will put you at risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.

If you are allergic to vardenafil, do not use Levitra. If you are taking nitrates to treat a heart related condition, or if you take recreational drugs, do not use Levitra.

Be cautious when using Levitra if you take beta-blockers for hypertension. Also be cautious if you have prostate problems. Discuss these matters with your doctor.

If you have any of the following medical conditions, use Levitra with extra care: leukemia, a penis deformity, stomach ulcers, bleeding disorder, Long QT syndrome, retinitis pigmentosa, kidney or liver disease, convulsions, untreated high or low blood pressure, irregular heart rate, or if you have suffered a stroke.

Call your doctor immediately if you have a prolonged erection (longer than 4 hours). This could result in permanent impotence or cause harm to the penis.

What are the side effects of Levitra?

If you experience an allergic reaction to Levitra call your doctor immediately. The symptoms of an allergic reaction are: difficulty in breathing; a breakout of hives; and swelling of your lips, throat, tongue or face.

Call for urgent medical assistance if you suddenly lose your eyesight. If you are having sexual intercourse and you experience any of the following symptoms, stop and call a doctor: dizziness, severe nausea, or numbness or pain in your face, arms or shoulder. These may be signs of a bad reaction.

Call a doctor immediately if any of the following symptoms occur: chest pain, loud ringing in the ears, loss of hearing, difficulty breathing, convulsions, fainting, sweating, prolonged or painful erection, or swelling of your hands, feet or ankles.

Minor symptoms are back pain, stuffy or runny nose, flushing of the chest or face, temporary loss of memory, or headache. If any of these continue, tell your doctor.

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Viagra (sildenafil)


Viagra is a popular treatment for men who suffer with erectile dysfunction. The active compound is sildenafil citrate. Viagra is obtainable in tablets of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.

Who can use Viagra and how does it work?

Viagra cannot be obtained unless you have a doctor's prescription. Viagra is for men only. Under no circumstances are women or children to use this drug. The active substance in Viagra helps a man to achieve an erection if he is sexually aroused. The penile muscles become relaxed and the blood flow increases. Viagra therefore enables men to enjoy sexual intercourse.

What is the dosage of Viagra?

50mg should be taken about one hour before sexual stimulation. In some cases a man will need to take the dose about four hours before sexual stimulation. If 50mg is not effective, the doctor can increase the dose to 100mg. Viagra can only be taken once a day. Do not change the dose that the doctor has prescribed.

What happens if a dose is missed?

This does not apply because Viagra is only used when it is needed.

Safety Precautions

Any man who is at risk of having a heart attack should ask his doctor if he may have sexual intercourse. If the doctor says this is not advisable, then Viagra cannot be used. Any man who has suffered with heart problems must talk to his doctor about any harmful effects that may be caused by Viagra.

A man who has had a stroke or irregular heart rate in the last six months should use Viagra cautiously.

Men who have a resting blood pressure of 90/50 (low blood pressure) or a resting blood pressure of 170/110 (high blood pressure) should use this drug cautiously.

Men who suffer with unstable angina, heart disease or cardiac failure should also use Viagra cautiously.

Men with the eye disorder known as retinitis pigmentosa should also use Viagra cautiously.

Some men may suffer with a prolonged erection after having used Viagra. If this happens, a doctor should be contacted straight away. An erection that lasts longer than 4 hours can damage the penis and even cause permanent erectile dysfunction.

Men who use alpha-blockers to treat other medical conditions must use this drug with caution.

Your doctor will need all information about your medical history, as well as other drugs that you are taking, before Viagra can be prescribed.

What are the side effects of Viagra?

Viagra is considered to be a relatively safe medication and there are no reports of severe side effects. Common side effects are blurred vision, diarrhea, rash, dizziness, nasal congestion, urinary tract infection, facial flushing, stomach irritations, or headache. These usually do not last long. If they persist, tell your doctor.


An overdose is not likely to cause fatal harm. But if an excessive dose is taken, it can result in complications. Call for emergency assistance straight away.

How should Viagra be stored?

Viagra must be stored away from sunlight and humidity in a cool place.

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Approach To Treatment of Male Impotence

Men sexual life and Levitra

Men sexual life and Levitra

Health is wealth and without a healthy body, no one can enjoy his life at its best. The healthy body allows you to enjoy the life and spending good moments with your family. You will be familiar that numbers of health disease are increasing these days. There are many reasons for its increase which are told by experts. Erectile dysfunction is also a health problem that is still incurable but the affected person can use medicine for its treatment. Such medicines do not have the ability to cure this health problem permanently but scientists are still trying to find out its permanent solution. For this purpose, they are doing different experiments on the affected people so that they can find its solution by any way. In this article, I'll give you a brief knowledge about the importance of a medicine called as Levitra and it is being used for sexual dysfunction treatment.

The generic name of Levitra is Vardenafil and this name is used by many chemists and professional doctors while recommending it to any patient. There are numbers of companies which are producing Levitra so that the supply and demand remain in balance. Levitra contains such chemicals which has the ability to treat ED by increasing the blood flow. What are the consequences of erectile dysfunction and how a person becomes the victim of this sexual problem? Well, different health problems are considered as the causes of sexual dysfunction but diabetes, blood pressure, depression and heart disease are some of the major causes of this health problem. You must tell your doctor if you are suffering with any of the above health problem along with sexual dysfunction. The doctor may treat that problem rather than treating this sexual problem to give you required results. Besides this, your doctor should be updated with your recent health condition. At any time, you can get side effects due to the use of Levitra. If you are willing to save your health from any kind of side effects, then your doctor must have the idea about your health condition so that he can change your dose plan if required. Using Levitra without the recommendation of a professional and experienced doctor can turn your healthy life into an unhealthy life.

It has also been noticed that there are many unprofessional doctors who recommend using different medicines for this sexual problem without examine the patient body thoroughly. The patients of sexual dysfunction should avoid taking advices from such doctors. There are many doctors who are available to server human being and they are professional in their respective field. For its treatment, you should meet to a doctor who has complete knowledge about sexual diseases so that he can treat it effectively.

Common adverse side effects of using Levitra are headache, upset stomach, runny nose, dizziness and facial flushing. In case of emergency, you must have the contact number of your family doctor so that you can call him right away to get emergency help.

Impotence is a serious issue with men. But the problem is that men are shy enough to state that they have erection issues. One of the main reasons is that they do not want to get exposed. When talking of erectile dysfunction or impotence, there are several myths related to it.

The life of the people has become very busy. They have not enough time to go outside with their family or go for a dinner. They pass their most of the time in the work. Due to the great burden of the work they cannot pass their time with their wives to lead a personal life. A life in which there is no work but the love of the couple. read full article

Levitra also known as the Vardenafil is a drug, which seems to be very helpful curing the impotency of the men. A person just needs to take these pills few hours before starting the sexual activities. People that are suffering from the erectile dysfunction usually takes these drugs, to achieve the state of penile erection, which is long enough to have the complete enjoyment of having the sexual intercourse with your partner. But it is always recommended that a person suffering from the impotency, must take the medical attention before using these Levitra pills, so that they could completely guide you about the time of using these drugs.

The mythical disease called impotence has long enslaved men in its ruthless chains. This disease, although present since old ages, has emerged as a major concern in 21st century because of highest proportion of its patients reported all over the world. Pfizer, an all times famous pharmaceutical company, has ultimately freed all those men suffering from the humiliating disease of impotence through its breakthrough product called Viagra. Viagra, observed to be beneficial in men of all age groups, has been hailed as a wonder drug truly effective to combat erectile dysfunction. Viagra kicks away impotence effectively and completely with minimum of risks and side-effects.

A man faces a lot of health problems in his whole life. There are some those diseases which a man cannot forget in his life or you can say that their impact on his life is very strong. But these diseases or health problems for a time period but here I am going to tell you about that problem which cannot be cured by the use of medicines. This problem is known as erectile dysfunction. Some people also call this problem as man impotence. You know that erection is very necessary for the sexual activity. If you are not able to get an erection then you cannot enjoy sex with your partner. Erection plays an important role in the life of a man. If he get any difficulty in this erection then it will be bad for him. Get information about Viagra.

No matter how old or young you are, maintaining youthfulness is a thing that you crave the most owing to the fact that modern living has a lifespan of 75 years unlike in the old days where, biblically man lived for more than 950 years. Since the world has changed drastically in diet and in lifestyle, you need to exercise health and fitness to strengthen your body mind and spirit. For that case, following are tips that will help you against aging.

A change is good when it is permanent. Same can be said about weight loss. If you are one of those people who have gained a lot of weight recently and are looking forward to getting back in shape then the best option you have is to play sports which require exertion. You will be getting two benefits in this way i.e. you will be losing weight as well as having fun. There are some people who make a mistake in this regard. They start taking different kinds of medication for seeing results quickly. read full article

Different people have different goals in their life. Some people want to become a manager and some want to get a higher post in banks. Have you ever heard about someone goal related to health and fitness? read full article

For the younger generation, obesity is considered one of the biggest health problems. There are many reasons due to which it is considered as worst health problem but here I am going to tell some of the main reasons. The obesity is the mother of all health problems such as blood pressure, diabetes and other severe problems. Besides this, the overall look of the person also affected by the fat appearance. read full article

In normal daily life, many people got bone fracture. There are different reasons of bone fracture and some of them are given below. When the bone is not strong, then it may get fracture very easily. It usually happens to a person who is either too young or too old. Because these are two basic stages which the bone marrow reaches to red limit and the bones become very weak. Bone fracture is caused by exerting too much pressure on the bone, when it cannot bear more pressure. read full article

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