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Approach To Treatment of Male Impotence

Male libido and male impotence have been a problem faced by the men since times immemorial. Man has always been searching for various solutions to increase or maintain his libido. Male libido is representative of one's masculinity and in turn of one's identity. Therefore any problems with the male libido or the resultant male impotence causes a major concern and affects one's relationship with the spouse as well as with the family too.

Different cultures have different concept of understanding male impotence and treating the same. From Chinese to the Egyptians, different civilizations have practiced various solutions and medications including aphrodisiac substances to cure male impotence. From using some of the most precious metals and precious stones to using animal parts to make the magical cure for male impotence men have been known to spend huge amounts seeking cure for male impotence.

Today the medical community has an understanding of male impotence as biomedical and pathological problem arising out of psychological and emotional distress. It was in the 1800 that extensive studies were conducted and psychoanalysis of patients revealed the connection between the psyche of the male and his sexual conduct resulting in male impotence due to damage to the sexual organ and the ability of the body to achieve and sustain erection.

However, the problem of male impotence has been addressed by the Indian system of medicine known as Ayurveda from the ancient times itself. The Indian system follows a combination of Ayurvedic medicine coupled with Yoga to treat the body and the mind and cure the body of the ailment. Yoga is a system that deals with mind and body union. Through yoga it is possible to identify the cause of the aberration in the individual's thought and resultant behavior as well as the physical manifestation of the problem arising out of the mental behavior pattern. The connection between the mind and body is well understood and demonstrated through the Yoga exercises. Indian medicine does not believe in treating the symptoms alone, but goes in detail to understand the underlying causes and dislodge the problem from the root.

In the case of male impotence, it is recognized as a psychological distress and an emotional reaction resulting out of the distress. The impact of the mind acts on the body as well. In many cases, the body is unable to muster the required sexual energy or drive that is required. In other cases, the mental distress causes the individual to adapt bizarre behavior resulting often in aberrations in the sexual conduct. Thus the individual due to excess utilization or the wrong use of physical organs can end up with erectile problems and impotency.

Ayurveda uses medicines derived from plants and fruits as well as various roots and spices etc and using these natural herbs is able to treat the patient and cure him physically as well as effect the internal system. The required sexual energy in the body can be activated with a combination of Ayurvedic medicines and with Yoga exercises that help the body balance as well as work on the muscles and organs that need to be repaired.

Approach To Treatment of Male Impotence


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