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Health and fitness – different ways to fight anti-ageing

No matter how old or young you are, maintaining youthfulness is a thing that you crave the most owing to the fact that modern living has a lifespan of 75 years unlike in the old days where, biblically man lived for more than 950 years. Since the world has changed drastically in diet and in lifestyle, you need to exercise health and fitness to strengthen your body mind and spirit. For that case, following are tips that will help you against aging.

Eat healthy food – it is vital that you eat food with the requisite nutritional components to support your health being.

• Digestion is the key to healthy living. If your body cannot digest and absorb food from your intestine, the following will be complications. Therefore, when you are chewing repeat the processes for 32 times as it is advised by physicians and limit the consumption of food stuffs that are harder to digest.

• 75% of the fluid in your body is water. It is this water which hydrates you and removes toxic from the body by dissolving them.

• Eat fresh raw vegetables compared to processed food which are acid thus reducing the alkalinity in the human body. Disease sprout well in acidic condition and that will make you age faster.

• Avoid intake of too much sugars and salts. They cause increase in blood pressure and metabolic disorders.

Physical exercisers – physical exercises are important as they help you to build a physique that is both appealing and keeps you fit through your lifetime. Different ways of exercising include;

• Basking- the sun has health and fitness benefits to your health. During basking, you obtain vitamin D which prevents rickets a disease that would otherwise affect your life.

• Through exercises, you connect to the outer world and that builds a greater mind, body and spirit in you.

• Exercising especially cycling builds your lung muscle to be stronger increasing ventilation thus increases the amount of oxygen intake.

• Walking is good for your joints. In fact, it is the only form of exercising that applies less pressure on your joints making them stronger under less pressure thus building a stronger lasting physique.

• Undertake jogging, stretching and walking prior to any major exercise to avoid in injuring your muscles.

Improving mental activity – if there is one thing that you want to maintain while you continually to age are your mental performance. Therefore;

• Undertake Yoga health and fitness program. Yoga involves exercising in differing poses for quit a while. This increases your mental concentration to whatever position you are undertaking.

• Take your time and sleep for the required amount of time (8 hours). That way, there is possibility that you will dream during your sleep. Dreams are vital for your spiritual development rather than worry about aging.

Note: Life can either be big and liberating or small and stressful depending on the way you balance your health and fitness goals towards aging.


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