Levitra vs Viagra


The life of the people has become very busy. They have not enough time to go outside with their family or go for a dinner. They pass their most of the time in the work. Due to the great burden of the work they cannot pass their time with their wives to lead a personal life. A life in which there is no work but the love of the couple.

On the other side we see the people using the medicines without any proper prescription of the doctor. They are not conscious about their health and body fitness. They use the same medicine for the same problem without talking to the doctor because this medicine could be dangerous for their life. So it is strongly recommended to consult the doctor in any type of problem.

Well, the levitra (vardenafil) medication is one of the medications prescribed by the doctor if you are not able to enjoy your marriage life. You will see most of the people are talking about the Levitra. Levitra has now become a famous product used by the people. If we talk about the function of the Levitra then you will come to know that it is basically used for the erection. It increases the flow of the blood through the penis due to which the penis becomes rigid and helps the males to enjoy sex.

If the person is a victim of diabetes and using the Levitra then it is not harmful for his health. Due to the diabetes, the arteries carrying blood become thick. When these arteries become thick then they allow less blood to pass through them due to less space. This thing may cause the erectile problems. You will surprise to know that more than half of the men who are the victims of diabetes experienced the decrease in erectile function. It is very necessary to control the sugar level in the blood by using prescribed medicines. If the sugar level is not in proper control then the risk of erectile dysfunction is very high. A study guided that erectile dysfunction occur in very early age in a person who is the victim of diabetes than the other one who is not a victim of diabetes. So if you have the diabetes then you should consult your doctor because you might have issues regarding erections.

Well, if we talk about the side effects of using levitra then these side effects are flushing, indigestion, stuffy nose, upset stomach and dizziness. But you do not need to be worry because these side effects remain for few hours then they go away. If you have any serious problem regarding levitra then you should consult with your doctor. In some cases erection won't go away and remain more than 4-5 hours then you should take medical help. The erection for 4-5 hours also called priapism. Priapism should be treated very carefully and abruptly because it can damage your penis or may cause the problem of erection. If we summarize our discussion then its result will be very simple that Levitra is useful for the man under the care of his doctor.


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