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A change is good when it is permanent. Same can be said about weight loss. If you are one of those people who have gained a lot of weight recently and are looking forward to getting back in shape then the best option you have is to play sports which require exertion. You will be getting two benefits in this way i.e. you will be losing weight as well as having fun. There are some people who make a mistake in this regard. They start taking different kinds of medication for seeing results quickly. This is a wrong approach and may be it can help you in losing weight for the time being, however, in longer run not only will it cause you to gain more weight but also has the tendency to cause damage to certain parts of your body. In this article, we shall discuss which sports are best suited for you if you are looking to lose some calories.

The first one in the list of sports is running. If you are looking to burn calories then there is no better sport than simple running. The benefit of this type of sport is that while running you gets to lose a lot of fats from the lower part of your body and that is where the weight is. Another fact that makes running the most suitable one for losing weight is that you will hardly see any runner who is fat. These are some reasons which make running the best exercise for losing weight.

Cycling, according to some is another great way of losing weight. This is an exercise suited to those who do not have the ability to run to longer distances. Another great benefit of cycling is that it can be done while going to or coming back from offices. There are a number of people who have joined different types of groups in which they cycle. One can easily join such a group and cycle with the members of that group. One can listen to music while cycling as well if he is not cycling in a group.

In the list of sports effective in reducing weight, swimming will definitely have a slot. There is a reason why swimming is considered one of the best exercises around. According to physical experts, swimming is the one and only exercise in which almost all muscles of one’s body move. There are not a lot of exercises which allow you this. The only bad thing about swimming is that one cannot swim for longer periods as too much stay in water can cause skin problems for some people. However, one thing is for sure, if you want to lose weight, you should definitely consider swimming.

Badminton is another wonderful exercise which allows you to lose a lot of your calories. The way you have to move around while playing badminton allows you to exert a lot of pressure on most of your muscles and that is good for getting back in shape.


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