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When a bone gets fracture?

In normal daily life, many people got bone fracture. There are different reasons of bone fracture and some of them are given below. When the bone is not strong, then it may get fracture very easily. It usually happens to a person who is either too young or too old. Because these are two basic stages which the bone marrow reaches to red limit and the bones become very weak. Bone fracture is caused by exerting too much pressure on the bone, when it cannot bear more pressure. A stage reaches when the bone gets fracture. A bone fracture can happen in case of accident or weak bone formation. Sometimes, many bone problems like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. These bone problems are very common in women and it is caused by the depletion of calcium level in the body. Women should use more milk in order to meet the demand of calcium for body. Besides this, they can also use tablets which are used along with water to increase the calcium level of body.

The main reasons of bone fracture has already been explained which are low level of calcium inside the body as well as the high pressure on the bone applied by a heavy body. Sometimes, the body part stuck in a machine which fold the part and bone become fractured. A person should have the knowledge about all those things which can become the cause of bone fracture if he is working in an extreme environment and job is tough to execute. In such a way, you can avoid the bone fracture. Moreover, bone fracture also caused by the accidents in heavy traffic. People who drive rashly should consider about their health. If everybody starts driving according to the rules, then most of the accidents can be avoided.

Sometimes the bone fracture is indicated by the bone pain. After accidents, many people do not feel any pain because of the high temperature of the body. When the body gets cold, the pain starts to increase and then the person realize that he is feeling pain in bone. The small pain in bone may be a result of bone fracture. If you face the same situation, then you must go for an X-ray analysis so that the final results can be taken.

It has been seen that bone fracture happens to women most of the time in natural way. There are two main bone problems i.e. Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. These bone problems are not found in only women but also in men. But the ratio of these problems in women is high. The main cause of both of these problems is decrease in calcium level. Women who are suffering with any of these problems should start taking calcium so that they can be avoided up to sufficient extent. A woman who is having one of these problems can get bone fracture when a small force is applied on the bone. This is all about the causes and symptom of bone fracture.


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