Levitra vs Viagra


Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra is a drug used to in making sure that the person using it that is men have an erection and it lasts for as long as the person is sexually engaged. This drug increases the rate at which blood flows to the penis to make it erect and for it to work perfectly, there must be arousal and stimulation. According to clinical tests, it was proved that men using Generic Levitra got and kept an erection for as long as the time he is sexually engaged.

The great advantage Generic Levitra has over Generic Viagra is that it can be taken with or without food and it does not affect any user in any way this goes along with cialis. There are things that should be made clear by your doctor especially before taking Generic Levitra and this includes the fact that it does not work magic and it will not increase your sexual desire on its own. Stimulation is an important part that will help the drug to work effectively so one should be sexually aroused for him to see its effectiveness.

However how effective the drug can be, there are some cases that the drug does not work at the first time one uses it. This does not happen quite often but if it happens, however embarrassing it might be, ask your doctor for the change of dosage or for some adjustments. Blood pressure medication should not be a hindrance in taking Generic Levitra, there are no side effects witnessed with the combination of the two.


Levitra: the perfect medicine for Sexual dysfunction treatment

The use of Levitra was made for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and it can make the impotent person a normal person for a short time. This short time is considered well enough to do sex with the partner. The importance of sex is great after marriage life. Sex is necessary to increase the human generation and it is also important to increase the love between the members of couple. If the man does not have sex with his partner, then he is leading a life without any charm. But it should be kept in mind that sex is not everything. It is just the part of your marriage life and you should try your level best to satisfy your partner. Unsatisfactory sex may leads to the break in marriage. If you really do care about your marriage life then you will have to be very good in sex. There are some situations and cases with the male in which he does not have sex. Sexual problems are some of the main causes which avoid the male of doing sex. In this article, I am talking about erectile dysfunction abbreviated as ED. ED is not a common problem in men but it is increasing with the passage of time. People show a very careless attitude about their health that is why they stuck in such type of health problems. If they start treating themselves on regular basis then they can keep their health very good without any health ailment. The main increment is viewed in those countries where people take a lot of junk food that is very unhealthy. The body does not digest it easily and sometimes the cholesterol present in the food starts to stick inside the blood vessels. In such a way, the way of blood becomes narrow and it thus causes a lot of problem.

Now people will be thinking either they can treat erectile dysfunction or not. Such people do not need to worry about it because now many medicines are available which they can use for ED treatment. There is one thing that these medicines cannot provide you permanent solution to erectile dysfunction but you can get erection for enough time in which you can do sex. The best medicine that you can use for this purpose is Levitra and by taking it you can enjoy a sexual intercourse of about 4 hours. Basically, the use of Levitra gives erection to the flaccid penis that is a problem of impotent person. If after taking Levitra, the erection does not go away after 4 hours then you must talk to your doctor immediately. It might be the case of Priapism in which the erection remains constant. It has also been noticed that people who are suffering with this sexual problem feel shame in consulting to a professional doctor about their health problem. It is an advice for such people that such things do not make someone to feel shame. Health problems are the part of our lives and it is our responsibility to treat them to lead a normal life.


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