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Myths about Impotence

Impotence is a serious issue with men. But the problem is that men are shy enough to state that they have erection issues. One of the main reasons is that they do not want to get exposed. When talking of erectile dysfunction or impotence, there are several myths related to it.

One of the first myths related to impotence is that young men are not liable to it. But the truth is that impotence can happen at all ages.

Another thing is that men think that impotence is only their problem. However, the truth is that your partner also has problems with your impotence. Women who do not have proper sex would get frustrated, depressed and may even look for other options. It could lead to damaging the family relationships; love may get lost between man and wife.

Some men also think that their erection problem is an end to their life. This is not true as impotence is not a major issue nowadays as several medications are now available to overcome it.

Another thing that men think of impotence is that it is an issue that should not be discussed with any one, including the doctor and the partner. This is a wrong notion as suppressing the facts could only lead to many complications.

Another myth is in relation to the impotence pills or drugs. Some think that only Viagra pills can save one from impotence. There are several other impotence pills that also enhance sexual drive.


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