Levitra vs Viagra



Levitra also known as the Vardenafil is a drug, which seems to be very helpful curing the impotency of the men. A person just needs to take these pills few hours before starting the sexual activities. People that are suffering from the erectile dysfunction usually takes these drugs, to achieve the state of penile erection, which is long enough to have the complete enjoyment of having the sexual intercourse with your partner. But it is always recommended that a person suffering from the impotency, must take the medical attention before using these Levitra pills, so that they could completely guide you about the time of using these drugs.

The impotency is basically a disease in which a person is not capable of achieving the state of penile erection before any type of sexual activities. Usually this erectile dysfunction disease increases with the increase in the age of the person. The reason of this type of disease is mostly the injuries created in the nerves or the impairing of the blood that is flowing through the penis. In such cases, the earliest treatment of curing this disease is to have the medical checkup and series of proper tests, so that the complete diagnosis of this disease could be achieved. There could be five different tests that are included in the diagnosis of the erectile dysfunction disease. VardenafilThese tests are:

• Blood Tests

• Psychological analysis

• Physical Examination

• Ultrasonography

• Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Test

After the complete diagnostic process of this disease, the doctor will prescribe you the Levitra pills, only if he finds it suitable for you at that stage of the disease. After taking that prescription, you can easily buy those pills from any online medical store or from the pharmacy. These drugs are proved to be very much effective against the erectile dysfunction, by the FDA. This drug starts to show its working within an hour of the time. These drugs do their jobs by simply relaxing all the smooth muscles in the penis portions, so that the flowing of the blood towards the penis could by increased. The erection of the penis with the help of the blood flow through the penis really helps in erecting the penis for longer period of time, so that person could easily have a complete sexual intercourse.

Before allowing the patients to use these drugs, it has been checked by passing through various trial programs that includes more than fifty trial programs with more than 4000 of the test subjects facing the disease of the erectile dysfunction. But still these drugs have completely passed all these tests and trials and are now proved to be the safest and very much efficient drug present these days. It's another feature is that they have greatly helped in the treatment of the diseases of the patients having high cholesterol levels, blood pressures and even the diabetes. In short, these drugs have really proved to be much effective but still one can only buy these drugs after taking proper prescription from the doctor, so that no harmful side effects could occur.


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